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Speaker's Profile & Talks

Case Study Speaker          Workshop Facilitator

Abraham Auzan

Co-Founder & CPO of TeleCTG and Sehati

Abraham is the CPO of TeleCTG, a healthcare startup focusing on providing equal maternity health care in Indonesia. He has always had a curious mind with a knack for problem-solving. Having graduated from Monash University with a Bachelors in Information Technology Systems and Masters in International Business, his education background paired with his interest in developing communities has led him to helm various tech start-ups and social enterprises over the past 6 years.


UXiD: Who are you are designing for?
Bram: Our application Bidan Sehati and TeleCTG is dedicated for the Midwives, and indirectly will connect with the Mom’s application (Ibu Sehati)

UXiD: What is one of the problems that your product trying to solve with UX?
Bram: How Midwives can easily use the application to input the antenatal care data and do the CTG services from the apps. These process could help midwives to maintain and improve their services to pregnant mother.

UXiD: How would UX approach able to enhance a product’s social impact?
Bram: The ease of UX could help midwives to do their daily job in inputting the data, monitoring the mom condition, and do TeleCTG service in order to democratize the health services for a pregnant mom. Furthermore, midwives could indicate pregnant mom that have high-risk pregnancy and could refer quickly if high-risk pregnant mom to the specialized doctor.

Case Study Presentation

Democratization of Healthcare Through Innovation and Midwives Empowerment

30 minutes     •     100 Participants

Thursday, 4 October 2018 / 14.45 – 15.15 / Room: 51st Floor, Pink Room

After the BPJS or “Universal Health Coverage” era, Midwives play an important role as the healthcare more frontline in Indonesia, 60% of mom and family in Indonesia manage and monitor by midwives. However, there are several issues faced by midwives, including lack of supporting technology, competency and also welfare.

Sehati TeleCTG comes with a holistic solution from apps and IoMT device to support the midwives works, certified online training to enhance the midwives competence as well as a smart kiosk located in independent midwives practices to support the welfare of the midwives.

Workshop #9

Role-Playing Future Scenarios of Healthcare Services in Indonesia

2 hours     •     25 Participants

Friday, 5 October 2018 / Time: 13.15 – 15.00 / Room: 51st Floor, Orange Room

When the products and services we are designing interact with multiple users and roles, it can be very challenging to understand the multiple impacts of our design and provide well-integrated experiences among the users. In this workshop, we will cover some research findings of a health problem in Indonesia and use this as a base for ideating for solutions. We will introduce the method roleplaying and participants of the workshop will learn how to use this method in exploring ideas, solutions in a fun and engaging way. The goal, variations, and limitations of role-playing as a method will also be covered in this 2-hour hands-on workshop.

In this workshop:

    1. You will learn about the Role-Playing method, the goal and some examples of roleplaying.
    2. You will get a hands-on experience in a team applying and tweaking this method to solve a problem focusing on healthcare in Indonesia.
    3. You will learn how to prepare for a role-playing workshop or activity that you can apply in your projects and workplace
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