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Head of Design at Traveloka

Albert is currently a Head of Design in Traveloka. His mission is to humanize the product and service internally and externally. He had a relevant experience as a designer in Traveloka for 6 years.


UXiD: What time do you like to be at your desk?
Albert: Usually my thinking time is in the morning. So I like to be on my desk to write down my thought and documenting things so that I can follow up later during the day.

UXiD: What is your leadership style?
Albert: Compassionate, caring and give service to the people that you lead.

UXiD: Where is the best place to prepare for UX leadership?
Albert: Any place where we can learn from one another.

UXiD: What technology do you take on your trip?
Albert: Besides my phone, sometime I take out my tablet computer to write and read stuff.

UXiD: What would your key UX leadership advice be?
Albert: Be genuine and stay positive

Case Study Presentation

How to Stay Sane as A Designer in Hyper-Growth Company?

30 minutes    •     100 Participants

Thursday, 4 October 2018 / 14.00 – 14.30 / Room: 51st, Pink Room

In this talk, Albert explains about how designers in Traveloka stay sane in the company where growth is in accelerating pace, and how designers should embrace the challenges and step the game up.
Design team at Traveloka is center to the company in humanizing the products and services that the company creates to serve its users.

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