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Speaker's Profile & Talks

Workshop Facilitator          Workshop #10

Anton Chandra

Interaction Designer at GO-JEK

Anton is part of IXD (Interaction Designer) at GO-JEK. He previously worked at a local digital agency, Suitmedia, as a UI/UX Designer. He joined GO-JEK in 2017 and is now more focused on IXD, working on user interface, interaction and Design Language System to maintain consistency across GO-JEK products and make a delightful experience.

Workshop #10

UX Prototyping - Making Prototype and Defining the Successful Metrics

2 hours     •     30 Participants

Date: Friday, 5 October 2018 / Time: 13.15 – 15.00 / Room: 51st Room, Blue Room

This workshop provides introduction to UX prototyping, including low and high-fidelity methods. In this workshop, we will also go through recommendations on when to use rapid or advance prototyping.

3 things participants will learn from attending the workshop:

  1. Able to make a paper prototype
  2. Able to make digital prototype
  3. Learn to measure success metrics for each prototype
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