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Speaker's Profile & Talks

Case Study Speaker     •     Workshop Facilitator

Borrys Hasian

Director of Design, International at Singtel

As Director of Design at Singtel’s International Group, Borrys’s main job is to lead the user experience design for the group’s 685m customers around the world.

His mission is to improve as many products and services, with a meaningful, simple and engaging design and to grow other designers to become a design leader.

Highlight experience: Head of Design for Rakuten Viki, Google Launchpad Accelerator Global Mentor in Silicon Valley, First Indonesian to become Google Expert in UX/UI. Head of Design for GrabFood (all countries).


UXiD: What time do you like to be at your desk?
Borrys: In the morning. In the afternoon I prefer to roam around.

UXiD: What is your leadership style?
Borrys: Be bold by setting moonshot to push the team and others, give just enough guidance, throw people to fire, and celebrate failure.

UXiD: What technology do you take on your trip?
Borrys: Nothing fancy: laptop, phone, kindle, my bone-cheek wireless headset.

UXiD: What would your key UX leadership advice be?
Borrys: The advice would be similar to my leadership style.

Case Study Presentation

Design Leadership to Drive Innovation

30 minutes     •     100 Participants

Friday, 5 October 2018 / Time: 15.00-15.30 / Room: 52nd Floor, Main Auditorium

In many organisations, designers are still perceived to be the pixel-maker, mostly do graphical design with Photoshop. Rarely they’re involved in the strategic part, defining the direction of the product, and are left out during the solutioning stage. People think designers job is only about making things pretty. In this case study, we’ll see that designers work is not only about making things pretty. We’ll see how Design Leadership drove innovation and collaboration that gave positive business results.

Workshop #4

Design Sprint: Evolving Your Ideas to be More Desirable, Viable, and Feasible in 2-3 Days

2 hours     •     25 Participants

Friday, 5 October 2018 / 09.00 – 11.00 / Room: TBA

How do you increase the chances of your product success without spending too much time, resources, and money? What if you can teleport yourself to the future, and see how people are going to use your product? Design Sprint is a bit like Back to the Future, where you build a prototype, something that works like your actual product in the future, without actually building it, and observe how users react and use it. In this way, you will learn quickly from people, and tweak your ideas and solutions to be more desirable, viable, and feasible. And all of these, are done in 2-3 days.

Three things the participants will learn from attending the workshop:

  1. Change in mindset when building your idea. Instead of aiming for building it quickly, you’ll aim to learn quickly from people,  and how to tweak our idea/solution to be more desirable, viable, and feasible.
  2. Close collaboration between different roles to deliver the best experience of your product.
  3. Better ideation process and how to prototype your product quickly in 4-6 hours.
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