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Chooake Wongwattanasilpa

Managing Director, Head of User Experience & Design at DBS Bank

Chooake is a user experience and product design professional with 20 years experience designing world-class software/mobile application and digital products in e-commerce, financial services, payments and banking & wealth management. Hands-on team leader; able to inspire by examples; passionate about good design and simplicity.

He has been spending time creating product & services that hopefully improving people‘s lives in large and small ways. He enjoys designing, crafting interfaces and sketching on dot grid notebook. He believes in building “less but better”, designing with clear goals & research, and having fun while making things.

Chooake specializes in Product Design Leadership, Creative Direction, Design Management, Product Development, User Experience Design, User Interface, Interaction Design, Information Design.


UXiD: What time do you like to be at your desk?
Chooake: 9 AM.

UXiD: What is your leadership style?
Chooake: Adaptable, mostly depends on people and situation.

UXiD: Where is the best place to prepare for UX leadership?

  1. On the job
  2. and LeadingDesign Conference
  3. Harvard Business Review

UXiD: What technology do you take on your trip?
Chooake: iOS, Internet.

UXiD: What would your key UX leadership advice be?
Chooake: It’s all about chemistry of the team. Hiring good people is the key of success for any design organisation.

Case Study Presentation

Building & Growing UX Team

30 minutes     •     100 Participants

Thursday, 4 October 2018 / 13.15 – 13.45 / Room: 51st, Pink Room

In this talk, Chooake explains how he’s building a solid in-house design team within such a traditional industry—the bank, yet make a workplace for his team are excited to go to work and make impact.

Banking tomorrow will be different from banking today. At DBS Bank, we believe that User Experience and Design is the key to our success, especially in digital age. That’s why we have spent the past 4+ years deeply immersed in—designing digital channels, embedding the design process, collaborating with our technology, and leveraging new technology to make banking simple and useful for customers.

We have been growing our team from 2 to 50+ team member, from 12+ different countries, several disciplinary such as designer, user researcher, UX engineer, UX writer, design producer, and design manager. And we do have a few interns.

About DBS Consumer Banking Group, Regional User Experience & Design: We are human-centered design team that combines digital, UX and Design to help DBS build joyful banking experience in Singapore. We are 1)helping business leaders realise their visions 2)delivering what customers really need 3)partnering with technology to build a flexible & long-term service platform. In another word, we aim to use design thinking & process to help DBS—Designing Right Things and Designing Things Right.

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