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Fadhel Adam

User Experience Designer at OVO (PT Visionet Internasional)

As a full time UX at OVO – Payment Loyalty, Fadhel Adam has been transitioning from a designer with deep understanding about Human Interface Guidelines to a human centered designer, as his aim is to develop product with customer experience and work. His previous focus, which was point of sale, has helped him to get a deeper knowledge of payment, banking and loyalty rewards, thus he can help people making transaction faster and seamless. He is currently building a UX team from the ground as they get more involved with variety projects, either independent or collaboration with Grab.


UXiD: For you, what is the biggest challenge in providing services in fintech?
Payment fintech is all about people put their money on a digital wallet. But why would they do that? The majority said they get more benefit such as discount and cashback by spending money from it. We know for a fact, that’s not going to be a long-term motivation for people to use digital wallet. The biggest challenge would be to search for a hook, where people would voluntarily doing money top-up like they do routinely to top-up pulsa or mobile data. The other aspect, in my opinion, is difficult to shape in fintech is trust. Money is a sensitive matter so in order for people to put their money in is to trust the service to begin with.

UXiD: How do you think UX practices have benefited your product?
We have a lot of ways to pay currently. For the very first time, I conducted a research to determine the most effective ways for the user to pay, and by using UX method, and it was really insightful especially for the product team, as we are planning to simplify the payment process, and take out ones that are not working for them. UX practices generate data and report, where we can confidently decide how to design, so no more assumption, and you are not your own user even if you use the product on daily basis.

UXiD: Who are you designing for?
Fadhel: OVO users come from many segments in society, but we have personas to narrow the user’s landscape. We sorted them by their spending behaviour and their familiarity with technology. In general, we could say that our users are mostly women, who like to go shopping on the weekend, especially from the merchant such as Matahari Department Store or Hypermart.

UXiD: Please share us the most significant (one) behaviour of your use.
OVO user would voluntarily installed and use the app if they associated with related merchants on daily basis. From consumer study that I conducted in Jakarta last February indicated that user prefers to top-up their money to OVO, spend money on it if they are located nearby Lippo Malls where they often visited. The user needs to know where to spend their money, that is the most significant thing for them aside from cashback that they are going to gain from the transactions.

Panel Discussion

UX in Fintech

1 hour 15 minutes    •     Up to 250 Participants

Date: Thursday, 4 October 2018 / Time: 13.15 – 14.30 / Room: 52nd, Main Auditorium

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