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Speaker's Profile & Talks

Panel Speaker

Fadilla Tourizqua Zain

VP Growth at Amartha

Digital marketing and business management professional with more than 8 years experience driving business growth for local and global brands. Prior to Amartha, she was a Product Manager in Microsoft Indonesia also Lecturing Digital Marketing in SBM ITB.


UXiD: For you, what is the biggest challenge in providing services in fintech?

Fadilla: For unserved and underserved market, financial literacy is still the key challenge.

UXiD: How do you think UX practices have benefited your product?

Fadilla: By putting the user first, we understand their main pain points in lending and investing their money.

UXiD: Who are your product’s user?


We have two different type of users:

1. Investors that are digitally and financially savvy.
2. Unbanked women borrowers that live in Indonesia remote areas.

Panel Discussion

UX in Fintech

1 hour 15 minutes    •     Up to 250 Participants

Date: Thursday, 4 October 2018 / Time: 13.15 – 14.30 / Room: 52nd, Main Auditorium

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