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Speaker's Profile & Talks

Workshop Facilitator          Workshop #2

Galih Pambudi

UX Writer at GO-JEK

Galih is the first UX Writer in GO-JEK. He may be ancient but his work in his company includes evolving the not-so-human-friendly app language to the hey-how-you-doin-friendly tone of GO-JEK that we see today. Hear his story as he shares you, what UX Writing is all about.

Workshop #2

How to Create App Content that 'Speaks' to the Users

2 hours     •     25 Participants

Friday, 5 October 2018 / 09.00 – 11.00 / Room: 51st Floor, Orange Room

Content in our app could be more than just an instruction to help users in achieving their goals. Actually, it tells who we are, makes us stand out, and helps to build trust with users. It’s a way to engage with our users.

3 things participants will learn from attending the workshop:

  1. Defining the tone of voice
  2. Defining the big theme
  3. Create stories for error screens in a sketching session
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