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Jim Oklahoma

Chief Business Development Officer at iGrow

As a Chief Business Development Officer, Jim, who has a degree on Statistics from Universitas Gajah Mada, manages not only the business side of iGrow but also the development of the interfaces and tools since September 2014. The first interface was web based and designed for iGrow’s early adopters who at the time were people who invest or sponsor the farmers.

After attending an accelerator program in 2016, Jim and iGrow decided to provide a better channel for their users through an Android app. In early 2017, Jim and iGrow participated in the Google accelerator program where they learned about design sprint, including how to develop features that are of high priorities for users. Jim has been part of shaping the user experience of iGrow, including the changes that had to be made to under OJK’s regulation on fintech lending. This challenges iGrow to improve their service to be as simple as possible for their users to interact with. Nowadays, iGrow is still growing, with over 4000 active users, 20 field surveyors and 10 internal teams based in Depok. Their 3 main users are the farmer and the landowner, the loan/fund provider, and the market (restaurants, food producers, etc).

Aside from the app, iGrow has managed an offline ecosystem with the farmers, with a team of field surveyor/officer to help farmers in managing their production and keeping track of their farm progress. Jim and iGrow are excited to share more on their stories, on how their UX team learn from farmers and investors and the design process when dealing with an ecosystem of players in Agriculture.


UXiD: What drew you to Agriculture industry
Jim: I am interested in creating social impact through the industry.

UXiD: For you, what is the biggest challenge on providing services on agriculture?
Jim: Managing the risk and developing the farmer.

UXiD: How have UX practices been affecting the way you work?
Jim: In my case, UX helps on delivering our intention to the users.

Panel Discussion

UX in Agriculture

1 hour 15 minutes    •     Up to 250 Participants

Date: Thursday, 4 October 2018 / Time: 14.45 – 16.00 / Room: 52nd, Main Auditorium

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