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Kim Jin Sun

Case Study Speaker

Kim Jin Sun

App Standard / Lead, LINE

Kim Jin Sun previously worked as a web designer for seven years at NCSoft in Japan, and has now been working as a LINE UI Designer for five years.

She always wanted to know more in detail about development materials first. She learned about the limitations and opportunities that came with designing using such materials, how to complete a design to make it better, how quickly and smoothly cooperative work with development departments can be made and that all these are crucial in the overall process.
As she was transferred from a web designer to the mobile field, she studied Xcode and Android Studio. That is how she became aware.

She recognized the best tools and advantages of realizing development tools, layouts, and visuals.
Before using these development tools as how she is doing now, she began by using them as prototyping tools for large and complex apps that could not be handled by other prototyping tools that had their own shortcomings, and began to use development tools as an essential part of her design work.


UXiD: What time do you like to be at your desk?
Jin Sun:It differs every day according to circumstances. At our company, people come in to the office voluntarily and are at their desks when they want.

UXiD: What is your leadership style?
Jin Sun:I believe that it’s important for each individual to discover their strengths and come together with these strengths to produce results completed through teamwork. Everyone has a strength, and I feel that my leadership style is to discover each person’s strength, take on challenges, solve problems together, feel a sense of accomplishment, and have fun working together. ^^

UXiD: Where is the best place to prepare for UX leadership?
Jin Sun:LINE, where it is open to creating a global service and where there are always opportunities for challenges.

UXiD: What technology do you take on your trip?
Jin Sun:LINE ^^

UXiD: What would your key UX leadership advice be?
Jin Sun:I believe that examining and identifying data with preceding simulations, collecting data, and creating a service based on this will open up a service that will reduce numerous trials and errors of cooperative planning, design, and development, and offer satisfaction.

Case Study Presentation

Verifying UX hypothesis by Prototyping

30 minutes     •     100 Participants

Thursday, 4 October 2018 / 15.30 – 16.00 / Room: 51st, Green Room

With the increasing awareness of the necessity and significance of prototypes came countless prototype tools, and this was accompanied by new content to study in order to find better tools, along with the burden of having to do so.
At LINE’s Design Operation Team, we use iOS “Xcode” and Android’s “Android Studio”, which are Native App Development Tools and not prototyping tools, to prototype.

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