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Keynote Speaker

Marijke Jorritsma

Senior UX/UI Designer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Marijke Jorritsma is Senior User Experience Designer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where she designs software for robotic space exploration. Her projects include designing award-winning augmented reality tools for spacecraft engineering and Mars exploration, and designing processes and software to support spacecraft operations for the Europa mission.

Off-lab Marijke builds non-traditional electronic instruments and software and is a member of the programming team for Ableton’s music, technology, and creativity conference “Loop.” In Spring 2019 Ms. Jorritsma will be a visiting professor at California Institute of Arts Music Technology program. She holds a MS from NYU’s School of Engineering, and a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Keynote Presentation

Advancing Space Exploration with User Experience Design

1 hour 30 minutes   •     All Participants

Thursday, 4 October 2018 / 17.00 – 18.30 / Room: 52nd, Main Auditorium

Keynote Speech Description: TBA

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