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Case Study Speaker

Michael Liem

Head of Product Design at Tokopedia

Michael Liem is an experienced UX/ CX & Product Design professional. He currently lead the UX & Product Design team at Tokopedia. This proud husband and a father of two often called as Mike.

He started his career as a consultant in a digital agency back in 2005 helping brands and clients across industries. According to Mike, 2013 was a life changing milestone for himself where he was fortunate to setup and lead an award winning digital product development company that helped brands and startups create amazing products.


UXiD: What time do you like to be at your desk?
Michael: 8AM

UXiD: What is your leadership style?
Michael:   Empowerment. Break and learn. Fast paced

UXiD: Where is the best place to prepare for UX leadership?
Michael: Being a leader doesn’t mean you need the title. Start from a small company where you can have bigger influence and the privileges to make more mistake. Join larger company to learn how to scale your leadership capacity

UXiD: What technology do you take on your trip?
Phone(s), Tablet, Kindle.

UXiD: What would your key UX leadership advice be?
Michael: Being a leader is UX is not much different to being a leader at other discipline. Be both strategic and tactical, always optimise for NOW, yet stick to a vision of where we want to be and how to get there. The only constant thing is change, be prepared for it

Case Study Presentation

Street Smart Design Leader

30 minutes     •     100 Participants

Thursday, 4 October 2018 / 14.00 – 14.30 / Room: 51st, Green Room

Being a UX designer in Indonesia we’re in the same ground with great designers supported by formal background on HCI from global universities. The session will be full of study cases of what I did to get to where I am right now by sharing how did I learn design methodologies, practical & pragmatism that proves opportunities for everyone to become a design leader is always open for everyone.

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