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Workshop Facilitator          Workshop #7

Stevanus Christopel

Product Design Lead at Tokopedia

Steve is Product Design Lead at Tokopedia who lead Design System team. Started his career as Full Stack Engineer on Astra Group, he moved to Tokopedia on 2017 as part of Product Design Team. He started to build Tokopedia’s Design System since mid-2017 and learn so many things from it. Design System become his passion and also support his vision to make design easier for everyone.

Workshop #7

Building Design System for Managing Design Consistency and High-Functioning Team

2 hours     •     30 Participants

Date: Friday, 5 October 2018 / Time: 13.15 – 15.00 / Room: 51st Floor, Purple Room

With the increasing complexity of product development, we often struggle on design consistency and quality. Our priority is to deliver the MVP as soon as possible, learn from it and iterate faster. We don’t have enough time to think about design scalability that will increase our product quality and time to market in the future. Because of that, we will have several design inconsistency, process inefficiency and increasing design debt that will be hard to manage over the time. At some point, it will be hard to do faster design. It will be more painful when we decide to change our style or even do total revamp on our visual language.

Building a design system as a reference for your design teams is especially helpful for multiple and large design teams. Reference in this sense supports the various teams to get a head start, re-using what’s already available, instead of starting from scratch. A design system can also help as a guidance towards consistent design, especially helpful if you aim to design for consistent experiences across products or touch points. With a design system in place, the designers may allocate more of their time towards aligning with developers in exploring better development. As such, design system can be used not only to achieve consistent design but also to help teams work collaboratively achieving better product experiences.

3 things participants will learn from attending the workshop:

  1. Introduction to Design System for managing design consistency and high-functioning team.
  2. Modular design system architecture with Atomic Design.
  3. How to build Design System, from research, design kit to code library.
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